About the Coaches...
Karina Boyden

Owner & Head Coach

Karina has been involved with dance and cheer for 20 years, competing and performing across the world. she began Entity-X cheer & Dance in 2015 where she decided to take her dream career further. Not only has Karina started Entity-X she also coaches other teams across UK and has multiple connections with 100s of coaches! Karina has a passion to gain her own unit, and will not stop until we get the best!
Not only is she wanting to build something great for Entity, she knows she has the greatest coaches who are going to achieve greatness too! 
Meet our coaches...

Senior Assistant Gym & Cheer Coach

Millie has been with the academy from the very first session. Her energy is never unnoticed and she has been a great athlete and coach to Entity since the beginning! her confidence and bubbly nature is one of her greatest qualities!


Junior Assistant Cheer Coach

Maisie is also one of our longest athletes on the academy. her talents are all round amazing and her knowledge is fantastic. she has been one of our first coshes in entity and we hope to keep her for a lot longer!


Junior Assistant Dance Coach

Phoebe is one of our youngest junior coaches. her passion for dance, cheer and gymnastics all round is amazing. her talent is exceptional and her coaching skills are already second to none.


Heels & Hustle Coach

Leah has been dancing all her life, when she joined entity adult dance classes for fun it resparked her love for dance. now she is one of the head coaches for our adult heels and hustle dance classes!


Lyrical & Pom Dance Coach

Izzy has been an athlete within entity for a few years and is just starting her coaching journey after her exceptional progress and confidence in dance. her choreography is already outstanding.


Hip hop and commercial dance coach

Renee was one of our first ever athletes within cheerleading. and she also found a passion in hip hop. she excels in this and is an incredible dancer, she is starting her coaching journey with entity and we are super excited!

Tap Coach

Emily is the newest coach to entity, she is helping us branch out into new classes! we are so excited to have her on board with us and to teach us something new!